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Mis-sold Timeshare

Timeshare Atonement provides excellent customer service and experience to all of our clients. We work with one of the leading Spanish law firms who have years of experience in fighting for justice over mis-sold timeshares.

Timeshares are a form of ownership where multiple people have a right to use a property for a period of time every year. These were often sold aggressively and without any legal advice. Figures from the European timeshare industry show that 590,000 Britons still own timeshares

When you call us, one of our team members will investigate your situation, and then if we feel that you have a legitimate claim, we will assign your case to a Spanish law expert to establish grounds for your complaint.

You won’t know how much you could be owed until you call us, so get in touch today so you can get justice for your mis-sold timeshare.

What Counts As Timeshare Mis-selling?

Recent legislation means that some owners’ contracts are null and void.

And that means that some hard done by Brits can escape from their timeshare burden and receive a big refund as well.

The Spanish Timeshare Act incorporated into Spanish law contains a number of regulatory requirements relating to timeshare contracts and schemes.

Was Your Timeshare With One Of The Following?

  • Anfi
  • Marriott Vacation Club
  • Palm Oasis
  • Club Le Costa Hotels and Resorts
  • Diamond Resorts
  • Silverpoint Vacation Club

Have You Experienced Any Of The Below? If So, Are You A Victim Of Timeshare Mis-selling?

  • Did you have the right to a cooling off period?
  • Were you informed of this cooling off period and it must be a term of the contract?
  • Did you pay any money in the first 3 months of your timeshare?
  • Were you given technical and descriptive information as to exactly what is being bought and was it provided in your own language?
  • Were the timeshare resorts property deeds filed with the local land registry within the correct period of time?
  • Was your timeshare sold after 5th January 1999? If so they cannot be in perpetuity and not more than 50 years?

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