What Companies Can We Help You With?

Have You Experienced Any Of The Below? If So, Are You A Victim Of Timeshare Mis-selling?

  • Did you have the right to a cooling off period?
  • Were you informed of this cooling off period and it must be a term of the contract?
  • Did you pay any money in the first 3 months of your timeshare?
  • Were you given technical and descriptive information as to exactly what is being bought and was it provided in your own language?
  • Were the timeshare resorts property deeds filed with the local land registry within the correct period of time?
  • Was your timeshare sold after 5th January 1999? If so they cannot be in perpetuity and not more than 50 years?

Was Your Timeshare With One Of The Following?

  • Anfi
  • Marriott Vacation Club
  • Palm Oasis
  • Club La Costa Resorts and Hotels
  • Diamond Resorts
  • Silverpoint Vacation Club

What Counts As Timeshare Mis-selling?

Recent legislation means that some owners’ contracts are null and void.

And that means that some hard done by Brits can escape from their timeshare burden and receive a big refund as well.

The Spanish Timeshare Act incorporated into Spanish law contains a number of regulatory requirements relating to timeshare contracts and schemes.