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Who Are We?

Our management teams have over 40 years of combined experience within financial services and claims management. We are working with one of the leading Spanish law firms that specialise in mis-sold timeshares. Our team of experts will assist you throughout your claim process and maximise any potential claim and look to end the burden of your unwanted timeshare.

Why use Timeshare Atonement?

We are here to help you. We are working with one of the leading law firms in Spain who will;

  • Give Clear & Simple Legal Advice
  • Give Independent Legal Advice
  • Listed as recommended lawyers with the British Embassy/Consulate, US Embassy and Irish Embassy, as well as being members of regulated legal bodies such as the IBA (International Bar Association).
  • Qualified Legal Representatives: Their legal team are made up of fully qualified and experienced lawyers who can provide you with comprehensive information, detailed estimations of all fees, costs and taxes involved, and clear and concise explanations of the legal process.
  • No language barriers: Their office staff include native speakers from the UK and US, as well as Spain, and staff who can converse with you in English, French, German, Russian and Swedish – so you can be confident of fully understanding the legal process throughout the course of your case.

Why Can You Claim?

Timeshare in Spain has traditionally been something of a “mine-field” with unscrupulous timeshare promoters applying high pressure sales techniques to sell a product which simply does not live up to the expectations of the purchaser. Many people find themselves burdened with timeshare obligations they can no longer afford, cannot sell for anything like the price they paid and in some cases timeshare that is very difficult to book and actually use.

BUT all that recently changed as result of a number of truly ground-breaking Spanish Supreme Court decisions in 2015 which held that certain timeshare contracts entered into after 5th January 1999 are ILLEGAL and can be cancelled.

If you are not getting what you expected from your timeshare, NOW is the time to check whether YOUR Spanish timeshare contract can be cancelled and you can get your money back.

Can I Claim Against My Timeshare Company?

We are coming across a number of timeshares deemed to be sold incorrectly;

Our partnered Spanish Law Firm have successfully won claims in the Spanish courts from the listed companies below:

  • ANFI

As one of the UK’s leading claim handlers, we are helping clients claim back sums worth £1,000’s on their mis-sold timeshare

In 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court found many Timeshare contracts entered into after 5th January 1999 are illegal and can be cancelled. 

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